Xiaolin Showdown Pornography Story: Time Slide – Chapter 17 – New Wu

Xiaolin Showdown Pornography Story: Time Slide – Chapter 17 – New Wu

New Wu

Dashi returned at noon
and called forth his four pupils and his extra student to sit at the
table. He pulled out two items and set them on the table. One was a
blue stone that looked quite familiar to Kimiko, being the Dashi
Bunny and the other that looked to be a silver version of the Golden
Tiger Claws. He then set out the Reversing Mirror near them. These
two items are new Shen Gong Wu and an old one. This is the Dashi
Bunny, the Silver Lion Claws and Reversing Mirror.

What do the new Wu
do? Toa asked, looking skeptically at the Silver Lion Claws.

I am for once not
going to tell you, the man smiled, mischief in his eyes.

What that isnt
fare! Doan nearly sobbed. We cant tell which item to pick
from as we dont know if it matches our elements!

Well, Ching wont
ever know if it matches his element, Toa commented.


You will call Chase
by his real name, Dashi said, narrowing his eyes. I have
reasons for doing it this way. Ladies first which would you pick
to use?

Kimiko glanced at them.
The only new thing to her was the Silver Lion Claws, so she pointed
at them and was surprised as the boys went pale. She moved her finger
to the reversing mirror and saw that Tao and Doan turned pale, so she
moved her finger to the Dashi Bunny. This one.

One by one, the boys
picked the one she had. Dashi had regained the mischievous look in
his eyes. Is it that all four of you have a crush on our young
lady or is there something more to this?

None of the boys
answered, though Dashi continued to smile. Well have our usual
Showdown for practice. Would you like to participate or watch?

Kimiko fingered her
camera in her pocket and frowned. This would be a good chance to get
pictures of all four of the boys, Master Dashi and young Dojo. No
Ill watch.

Here is the
Showdown. You will have to chase a bunny the first to capture it
wins, the man then nodded for the boys to step outside of the
household into the yard. He set the bunny down on the ground and all
four boys touched it simultaneously.

Gong Yi Tanpai!
they yelled and the yard changed into a huge maze, on top of which
Kimiko and Master Dashi was standing. He watched as she began to take
pictures of what the boys were doing.

Might I ask why Toa
and Doan were so on our case for the Showdown we had earlier, but not

That would be
because we try to keep this secret from normal people, but the fact
is if they find out, it doesnt really matter expesully since
they have to still do their training.

It was then that the
bunny suddenly appeared and Kimiko had to stifle her laughter. The
bunny was pink, marched forward on two feet, wore sunglasses and beat
a drum. All four boys stared at the bunny, their eyebrows going up.
Chase looked up at Master Dashi. Is this another one of the crazy
things youve thought up?

Ahh one might say
that! Dashi smiled. Of course the bunny is considered a
mascot an iconic image for something in the future.

Iconic image
Doan muttered. Could we have a mascot?

Yeah our mascots
baby Ching! Tao laughed, only to be yelled at by both Dashi and

Our mascot is Dojo,
Gaun commented. Now lets go!

Yeah well, this
one should be easy, Tao commented.

I think its going
to take you guys awhile, Kimiko yelled. Thats the energizer
bunny! It just keeps going and going and going and

We get the point
Lian-Li, Chase laughed. He watched as Tao and Doan dived for it,
but it hurried away, disappearing. The boys then quickly disappeared
into the maze.

Dashi smiled after them
and said in a voice so that only the girl could hear. You are
right about it going to take awhile Kimiko.

Kimikos jaw dropped.
You know my name?

Well, yes I
traveled to the future to find out more about you and how to get
you back to the future. Of course finding out your name required
me to talk to more then just the person I went to talk to, but I
needed to see some things

So the Sands of

Arent how Im
supposed to get you home the man said.

Then how? Kimiko

It involves how you
got here which means getting the details cleared up from the boys
even though I already know from the person I went to talk too.

But that means that
the person had to have been Master Monk Gaun or Chase Young Tao
and Doan arent in the future

I know they arent
but they might end up being there who knows. I was also right
about who to pick to go ask questions of,

Master Monk Gaun,
Kimiko sighed.

Perhaps or
perhaps not they watched as three of the boys, the older ones,
were hunting the bunny down, however, Chase sat down and began to

Oh, come on Chase
Doan said shaking his head. You wont catch the thing that way.

Or he will. Gaun
laughed. I understand his idea but it is too much fun chasing
the rabbit.

that pink, fluffy rabbit, I am going to tear its tail, nose and ears
out! Tao yelled in frustration. It was then that the rabbit sped
by, knocking over the boy. It rushed past Chase as it was sitting and
he reached out and grabbed it, but Gaun grabbed it at the same time.

Kimiko watched as Dashi
slapped his head. Why is it always ties with those two unless it
is something that one has to be better then the other at? And even
then it tends to end in a draw.

Kimiko watched as the
Showdown ended and she saw the two boys both holding onto the Shen
Gong Wu. Tao and Doan were both pouting. Gaun smiled at the two of
them. So what is it that this Shen Gong Wu does?

It turns you into
electricity! Kimiko suddenly beamed. You can shoot into
electrical outlets and bust up robots real good!

Whats a
robot? Chase asked confusion in his voice.

Its kind of like
the transportation Wu, Dashi said, Except they stay and are
hand built, no magic involved.

Sure Tao

Chase was suddenly
glancing around, not to sure about his surroundings. Dashi
somethings not right.

No I sense it
too Dashi said. I wonder if its going to snow.

What? Tao said.
Its the summer time!

Thats not what
Chase muttered. Gaun shook his head.

We had best get
inside before it starts snowing Chase, the boy smiled at the
younger boy. He then whispered into Chases ear so that Kimiko
could also hear. I sense it too, but the thing is one has to be
very careful so were making what ever it is think that we are
going inside.

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