Xiaolin Showdown Pornography Story: Time Slide – Chapter Twenty-one

Xiaolin Showdown Pornography Story: Time Slide – Chapter Twenty-one

Nit Wits

Dashi summoned both Tao and Doan to speak with him. They knew from the serious look on the mans face that he had something important to say to the two boys. They sat on the mats in front of the Master Dragon. He folded his arms and gave them a very stern look. Can you guess what this is about?

How should we know we havent a clue what happened last night, Tao muttered.

How did you know that something happened last night? the man asked.

Well there was noise when you guys came back, Doan then added. Plus, Ching slept in this morning which I found rather odd. Is he alright?

This caused Tao to elbow the other boy in the ribs and muttered so that the other boy could hear. Do we really care if he gets hurt?

I heard that Dashi sighed. Why is it that you feel the need to treat Chase differently and like he is not a person?

I know for a fact that he is half breed why else should I have to have a problem with him. How did he the boy started, but found himself interrupted by Dashi.

That is not a reason for you to do that and as one of my students I actually expect better from you, Dashi couldnt get the boy to look him in the face. I might as well get to what this was about. I know for a fact that you two dared Chase to take one of the Shen Gong Wu and use it. When he used it, you used the reversing mirror on it.

So? Why did he have to go and tattle, Tao sniped, but as he glanced up, he found himself looking back down.

I prefer to take a more of a joking attitude with you boys, but this is serious. Chase told me because the Silver Lion Claws need to be returned to normal. That is also how we will return our friend from the future back to the future,

Lian-Li is going back? Doan suddenly asked.

I am sure that the only one who will miss her will be Chase though admittedly it made him actually seem to lesson that flat personality of his, Tao commented.

Dashi frowned at them. I want you two to think about what you two have said and done. I am going to send Gaun in to give you lessons and I expect him not to go easy on you.

Dashi then stood up and left the room, his face saying that he wasnt happy about all of this. Doan suddenly spoke up. We need to fix this it is our fault that this happened.

Its Chings fault. He said, she said, he said Tao muttered.

No its our fault. Some really bad things happened this time. I overheard Dojo talking to Gaun today apparently something really bad happened today and I think Chase almost died, Doans face read that he was not happy about the situation.

So what is the big deal if he did why didnt you call him Ching, Tao glanced at the ceiling.

Even you have to admit that without him it wouldnt be the same. Plus I would hate to see him on the other side, Doan was frowning deeply.

Whatever do you actually think that we could fix this whole problem? Tao had a twinkle of mischievous in his eyes.

That Shen Gong Wu is scary! Doan muttered.

I want to see what it does if it isnt reversed, Tao smiled.

You are trouble, trouble, trouble! However, Doan followed the other boy over to where the Shen Gong Wu were kept. Tao shuffled through the shelves and found the two. He then walked over and stated the name of the mirror on the Shen Gong Wu. He then put it on his hand. Doan continued to frown. Tao I really dont think this is a good idea we were told to think about our actions, not let our thoughts take action

Silver Lion Claws! Tao shouted. Doan blinked as the portal suddenly opened up next to him.


What are you two doing! Gaun came into the room and grabbed the Wu off of Taos hand. It was then that Tao backed up towards Doan, not realizing what he was doing.

We werent doing anything, Tao muttered.

Yes you were! Gaun narrowed his eyes. I am going to go see Dashi to see how you close this portal.

I told him not to! Doan muttered.

You! Tao swung around to grab Doan. The problem was, as he grabbed the boy, Doan stepped right into the portal.

You idiots! Guans eyes were somewhat wide from the shock as the two disappeared into the portal. He frowned at the two, then stormed off to find Dashi.

Authors note Yes xiaolinwind, thanks to you I am paying more attention to your voice words. Explaining that I used too much actually helped me to improve my writing and is one of the best reviews Ive had critique wise on how to improve. The worst was when someone told me that I had to spell prolog prologue when both are correct, and they knew this

As for the question of what does the Silver Lion Claws do they send yourself or someone else through a time portal, instead of a dimensional portal. In other words, a mix of the Golden Tiger Claws and the Sands of Time. By reversing it, it brought someone back from the future or it could have brought a dinosaur logically perhaps or it may only go forward in time.

As for the disappearance of the two nit wits I had to explain why they werent in the future like Gaun and Chase.

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