Xiaolin Showdown Pornography Story: A Modern Crimson Railing Fetish mask Chapter 12

Xiaolin Showdown Pornography Story: A Modern Crimson Railing Fetish mask Chapter 12

A Modern Red Riding Hood

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Chapter Twelve: Unexpected Twists

(6pm at Wuyas Hotel Room)

What do you mean youre no longer interested? Chase demanded.

Wuya yawned. She was sitting on the balcony having a man-servant feed her cherries. Then Chase stormed in and scared the man away with one deadly glare.

If youre too dumb to understand, I cant help you, Wuya responded.

Chase grabbed her by the collar.

Watch how you talk to me, Chase said emphasising each word.

Im not fighting you, Wuya said, its not worth it, she added.

Chase turned into his non-human form.

The next second he and Wuya were at his place.

What is the meaning of this? Wuya demanded, dont you realize that were losing our evil essence by.

Wuya was cut off by a glowing silver blade being shoved into her chest.

Chase? Wuya asked in disbelief.

If I cant have you, no one can, Chase told her.

Chase, Wuya repeated with tears flowing down her face this time.

Soon she fell back, completely motionless.

(Meanwhile on Temple grounds)

Clay you have to get over it, Rai pressed.

No, Clay refused, I dont deserve to be a Xiaolin warrior, he stated.

But you quit after what happened to Kimiko, Rai insisted, shes fine now.

I didnt quit because of Kimiko, Clay said, that only brought everything to a head, he revealed, my doubts were around before she even arrived.

WHAT! Rai cried.

Im sorry Rai, Clay said sadly, Im not meant to be a Xiaolin Warrior.

But Rai started, Master Fung!

No Rai! Clay cried.

Is there a problem? Master Fung asked walking up.

Clay doesnt want to be a Xiaolin warrior anymore, Rai complained.

Ive already accepted his resignation Rai, Master Fung explained.

But hes talking nonsense, Rai said, that he had doubts before Kimiko arrived.

Thats unfortunately true Rai, Master Fung said seriously.

But thats crazy! Rai exploded, he loves being a Xiaolin warrior, hes better than me!

Ive been having bad thoughts Ra, Clay said softly, shortly after I joined Ive been fighting something, something inside me.

Rai looked at him incredulously.

It seems that after joining the Xiaolin warriors, Master Fung started, the bad side of Clay like the one in all of us started hungering for power, Clays gaining power, he continued, it started slowly and I was able to deter it when Clay first came to me, he said, but its only gotten worse, an now it can happen without him realizing it.

You meanthat Clay might not have done those things Rai tried to understand.

It could still be me, Clay said, but I cant be sure, and my trainings only making it stronger.

But thats not fair! Rai shouted, you deserve to be a Xiaolin warrior! he raged, why doesnt my bad side try to take over me!

Master Fung slapped a hand over Rais mouth.

Dont be foolish by inviting temptation, Master Fung advised.

A defeated Rai headed inside.

Are you sure about this Clay? Master Fung asked, I could try harder, see if we could drive its hunger down a little while longer.

No Master Fung, Clay refused, this is the only way.

Yes it is, Master Fung admitted, goodnight young one, he said and went inside.

Clay looked up in the sky at the full moon.

If only this beautiful night was showing how I felt, Clay sighed and went to bed.

Unknown to everyone Ashley was hiding in the tree listening. Beside her was a heart broken Kimiko.

Chapter Completed

This story has between 3-5 chapters left. I WILL finish it this summer. Sorry about the hiatus and please read and review.

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