Xiaolin Showdown Pornography Story: Pesky Chapter One

Xiaolin Showdown Pornography Story: Pesky Chapter One


By: CrystallicSky

Disclaimer: I don’t own Xiaolin Showdown or any of its characters.

Warnings: Cursing, sexual situations between two males, blah blah blah…

Chase Young frowned as the feeling of eyes boring into his skull (despite the fact that he knew that the eyes were not looking at him) and sighed, surrendering his attempt to read a book.

Spicer, he growled, it is incredibly difficult to focus with you reading over my shoulder. Do you mind?

Not all all, the goth assured, causing the warlord to sigh again and resume his futile attempt to get past the second page.

Chase flinched as his lover suddenly burst into hysterical laughter beside him, cackling so hard that tears flowed from his eyes and his cheeks flushed bright red with his mirth.

What on earth are you-

Abruptly, Jack was calm and serious, scowling at the man as he demanded, Dont ask questions, you dont need to know things!

A barely-felt poke landed on his well-muscled bicep, and Chase looked behind him just in time to see Jack scurry away, murmuring something that sounded like a giggle followed by, Touch.

You are the most annoying imbecile on the planet, Spicer, he growled, fed up with the boys antics. I dont know why I put up with you!

Chase Young was awakened from a very deep, restful sleep that night at an ungodly hour as something warm and wet dragged sharply across the sole of his bare foot, startling him so that the most undignified noise possible, a yelp escaped his throat.

He threw the covers back to see his lover crouched at the foot of the bed, staring intently at him.

I licked your foot, Jack declared blankly.

Perturbed, the warlord replied, So you did

The goth gave him a look that spoke very much of bedroom eyes and he purred, Whatre you gonna do about it?

Quickly catching on, the warlord rumbled back, I believe I shall punish you for your indiscretions against me for the past several days, Spicer. Dont even think of protesting, either: you know you have it coming

Jack grinned and crawled up the bed in that sexy, seductive way he had when in the mood that reminded his beloved of a panther stalking its prey until he was on top of the older man, nose practically touching his.

I know I have it coming, he agreed in a heated tone, and I want whats coming to me

Chase smirked wickedly and leaned up to take the youths lips only to be stopped before he could reach them.

Dragon-form, Jack said simply in answer.

The warlord paused in shock as he came to a realization. You planned this whole week, didnt you? he accused. You wound me up and frustrated me with your annoyances for days so that-

So that when we did get back to fucking it would be a mind-blowing release of stress and irritation, guaranteed to make us both dead to the world for six or seven hours afterwards? the goth falsely wondered. Maybe

Chase growled low in his throat but with pleasure, not anger. Oh, Spicer, he sighed appreciatively, you devious little charlatan!

You love it, the goth grinned mischievously, curling his arms around his dragon lords neck.

So I do, Chase agreed, flipping Jack so that their positions were reversed before he transformed and quite eagerly pounced.

A/N: Random plot-bunny that I decided to type up because my school’s website is being a bitch and won’t tell me what my AP Bio homework was, so I’m going to have to ask someone tomorrow and do it first period (which, since I finished the homework outside of class, was going to be pretty much a free period anyways).

Hope t’was amusing! :)

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