Xiaolin Showdown Pornography Story: Time Glide Chapter 16

Xiaolin Showdown Pornography Story: Time Glide Chapter 16


Chase woke up early in the morning and went to meditate outside. Dojo was outside taking a nap in the sunshine, snoring loudly and snorting small tuffs of fire. Chase shook his head at the green dragon. Dojo if you arent careful, someone will step on you.

This caused Dojos eyes to snap open and for him to stretch. Oh come on the sun is just rising it feels so good on my scales.

Why do you think that I come out here so early, Chase said, taking a deep breath and then releasing it. Where is Master Dashi?

Master Dashi used the Sands of Time to go to the future, Dojo commented.

He actually went without you Dojo? the younger boy said.

Chase he said something along the lines of going and seeing something that was hidden from him in previous journeys something from Lian-Lis time, the dragon snorted, cleaning out the shoot from his nostrils.

You do know that Lian-Li is not her real name, Chase muttered.

Did you really kiss her? Dojo suddenly asked. He winced as the boy turned around, thinking that he would hit him or throw something at him. Instead, he saw the boy sit down in front of him.

Dojo what is this discussion that Dashi is going to have with me that Gaun told me about? Chase said, placing a hand on his cheek.

This caused Dojos eyes to suddenly go wide. Chase this isnt a speech that well, one wants to wait for the person to come to them, not you go to them.

But Gaun made it seem that it was important,

This caused Dojo to blink a couple of times. Well it is but Master Dashi will pick the time when it is right to have the discussion with you about all of this it isnt something you want to rush like your training.

Hmm Chase muttered, then stood up and went back to doing his stances. He heard a couple of footsteps coming from inside the house and could tell that it was Doan and Toa they were the only ones who couldnt walk with soft feet. One of them came up and tapped him on the shoulder, causing him to swing around and hit the person in the stomach. What do you want?

He saw that Doan was the one clutching his stomach while Toa was grinning. I told you that he would do that!

Thanks, Doan gasped out.

What do you two want! Chase snapped.

We were coming to apologize Toa smiled.

Yeah Guans making us the other boy pouted.

Then we overheard you speaking to Dojo about the speech that Dashi is supposed to give you, Toa hummed into Chases ear. I can tell you what that is about. When guys kiss girls, they get more and more little bugs on them these bugs are trouble

Chase frowned at this. Is this why you two arent so good at what you do.

Toa suddenly slapped the back of Chases head. That was so not funny!

But you just said that these bugs were trouble Chase muttered. And you like kissing girls.

This statement from the younger boy caused Toa to turn read from anger. Doan however laughed. Yeah thats why were so bad you wouldnt want to end up like that would you?

This caused Chase to sit down on the rock and think about the whole situation. Doan and Toa took off, Dojo hurrying after them. You know as well as I, both of you, that was not the speech that Dashi was going to give him and there is no such thing as those bugs.

Believe me Toa commented. If it keeps him from doing something really stupid before Master Dashi can have a talk with him.

I dont like that grin on your face! Dojo commented. Master Dashi finds many things humorous, but

Hell find it historical Dojo! Doan commented. For once weve done something right by Ching!

Chase! Dojo snapped. Youre still not supposed to tease the younger one!

Oh, you mean Lian-Li? Toa laughed. Wait, shes even younger then him! I mean, shes from the future!

Oh so, shes one year old! Doan laughed.

Or shes a negative number, Toa laughed harder.

Doan paused. Whats a negative number?

You know how you can go below the sea, or into dept with money? Toa commented.

Oh I see! Doan said, smiling.


Kimiko got up in the morning and couldnt find Master Dashi, whom she knew to be the person to get her back home. She didnt find anyone inside the household and went out and saw Chase practicing his meditation moves. She went and started to copy his movements, but staying away from him by ten feet. He saw this and made a comment.

I wont do something dumb like I did yesterday.

I cant exactly trust you though Kimiko sighed.

I apologize it wont happen again, the boy refused to look her in the eyes.

Kimiko glared at him. I cant think that you got over your crush on me that easily!

Crush? Why would I crush on you wouldnt that hurt? the boy continued to move. However, he found something hitting his head. He snapped at Kimiko. What was that for!

You are so dumb when it comes to the whole girl thing, arent you? Kimiko folded her arms around her chest.

And how am I supposed to know what you mean by that! Chase snapped.

How are you no, I guess you wouldnt, Kimiko sighed. To crush on someone doesnt mean to physically crush them, but a term that means that one is taking a liking to someone that is possible dating.

Dating Chase murmured.

Alright youre almost as nave as the Dragon of Water from my time Kimiko was interrupted.

The Dragon of Water Doan, is nave right now,

Anyways dating is a word from my time that is kind of like courting someone, Kimiko continued. You court someone when you like them and they might possibly be marriage potential.

Oh the boy screwed up his face. Well you dont have to worry about that Toa told me that youre not supposed to kiss girls because of bugs ones get.

This caused Kimiko to fall over laughing. Chase shook his head at her. What exactly is so funny?

You actually believe in cooties? Kimiko laughed.


Those fake bugs Toa told you about, Kimiko laughed. Thats what we call them from my time frame.

I see so they were as Dashi says with a modern term he likes to use, pulling my leg, Chase frowned.

Hold on Dashi knows future sayings? Kimiko asked. That means he has the Sands of Time and he can get me back.

But the Sands of Time might not be how you get back Dojo commented as he crawled back.

I dont understand Kimiko startled. I really want to go home.

Why cant you stay with us? Chase muttered, not looking at either of the two. Youre nice and my age too

Because that would change the future so she wouldnt exist! Dojos statement caused the boy to turn pale. Which was the reason that Master Dashi went into the future he needed to ask someone exactly how you got home if its not the Sands of Time, he wont use it. I dont know who though he is going to talk too.

Well, theres Dojo, Master Monk Gaun Kimiko commented.

I have a foggy memory every one knows that, Dojo muttered.

Master Monk Gaun! Chase commented, his eyes going wide. What about

I dont want to talk about the future, Kimiko commented, turning her back on him.

I thought you were my friend! the boy snapped.

And if I tell you, the future changed! Kimiko snapped.

And you might never exist the boy suddenly looked at the ground. I really like you

Yes as girlfriend material Kimiko muttered. Look I have an interest in a guy from my time hes the Dragon of the Wind.

Please tell me he isnt stuck up like Tao,

Please hes arrogant at times, but then hes a typical boy. He is nothing like Tao,

Im glad Lian-Li can you promise me something and I promise it to you? the boy was again looking at the ground.

What kind of promise?

That that well always be friends and look out for each other?

Im a girl remember,

Yeah but you arent bad at fighting though you have a ways to go still Chase suddenly ducked something flying at his head. Hey I dont know how far youve trained in the future! I just know you have Wudai rank. I cant really say how good you are I mean you did beat me on a fluke so

Shut up, Kimiko muttered.

Chase suddenly bowed. Im sorry

I dont mind being friends forever, or looking out for each other, but if I make this promise to you, you have to promise me that if one of us changes that we dont use it against the other person and that if we do change we still keep our promise

Chase startled, coming up quick from hearing her speak in Japanese. Not realizing that Kimiko had carefully word what she had said bowed again. I make this promise to you.

And I make it back, Kimiko bowed to him too, knowing that the one thing that Chase kept after drinking the soup was his honor and he honored all his promises.

Authors note Hee that is why I took her back to a time when Chase would have less control over his emotions. Also, yes Chase would have very likely have won the showdown if Kimiko hadnt surprised him like she had. With Rai, it isnt a lack of feelings for him, but more of she gets annoyed with his flirtatious attitude what girl wouldnt.

I am glad that two people thought the cancer idea was a unique idea though Ive seen the four dragon fanfics in the Chase/Wuya pairing section, dont ask how that works out, because I have yet to figure it out how Wuya could ever be a Dragon… Im also glad that it isnt just me with the Shoku thing my creative juices have been flowing fast for this fanfic, which is why so many updates.

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