Xiaolin Showdown Pornography Story: Hurt Enjoy and Everything Between Chapter 1

Xiaolin Showdown Pornography Story: Hurt Enjoy and Everything Between Chapter 1

#01 Acting:

It was too easy. A
little Bambi eyes and Kimiko caved almost instantly. But, Raimundo
had to admit, it wasnt the proudest way to score a first date.

#02 Awkward:

Raimundo cant help
but wonder why God hates him. Every time Kimiko used the restroom at
the mall, he ended up having to hold her purse. In no time at all,
some guy would stare, and snicker, and end up having a black eye in
the next five seconds. Kimiko couldnt blame him for thatright?

#03 Baking:

Kimiko growled. Please tell me you didnt just eat an entire
bucket of cookie dough.

#04 Balloons:

He always figured that
a ride in his arms would be better then those darn expensive hot air
balloon rides. Those wind powers sure came in handy.

#05 Basketball:

When Kimiko beat Omi
in a basketball game after yet some more sexist comments from the
bald monk, Rai couldnt stop laughing. He didnt find it quite as
funny when Kimiko beat him as well. Twice.

#06 Broken:

She was silent, and
leaned against the doorway, closing her eyes. It wasnt until she
heard the stomping footsteps disappear that she could no longer hold
in her tears.

#07 Cats:

Kimiko had loved the
white little kitten in the window. But when Rai reminded her of a
certain Katnappe that Kimiko hated so muchKimiko grimaced and
resultantly announced she was actually a dog person.

#08 Ceiling:

The Jetbootsu may have
not been the best Wu to fight with, but staying on the ceiling was
probably the only safe place to hide when Kimiko was in one of her

#09 Crazy:

He often thinks about
that time at the Heylin side. It doesnt take long for him to
confirm that he was an idiot who didnt know what he was missing.
Hed pick Kimiko, Clay, and Omi over that red-haired psycho hose
beast any day.

#10 Cucumbers:

Maybe it was just him,
but whenever Kim goes on a spa day he wondershow does putting a
vegetable over your eyes help you in any way whatsoever?!

#11 Dangerous:

Thats what her mom
had warned her about Raishe said he was the dangerous one.
Kimiko had calmly replied that if anyone should be scared, it should
be Rai.

#11 Dark:

She could feel it
swallowing her whole, pulling her under and clouding her vision. She
chokes out a scream, and reaches out blindly with her hand. Another
hand grabs hers in response, and as she is pulled up and saved, all
she sees are two emerald eyes before she finally collapses into his

#12 Daytime:

Kim was a morning
person, Rai was a night person. When the Japanese one amiably
reminded him that the early bird gets the worm, Rai made a face and
asked who wants to eat a worm in the first place.

#13 Dreams:

It was too frightening
to be real. To lose Kim, to see her die in front of his eyes, Rai
nearly wakes up screamingbut closes his eyes and relieved, falls
silent when he sees the petite body still lying next to him.

#14 Eerie:

How Kimiko ended up
walking out the haunted mansion with three boys clinging to her in
fright, shell never know.

#15 Everybody:

Rai couldve slapped
him. Omi, in all his childhood innocence, had popped in on one of Rai
and Kims near-kisses, asking if they wanted to play charades with
him and Clay. Kimiko politely told him no, dragging a very annoyed
Rai away.

#16 Friends:

Friends, Kimiko
realized, were the kind of people who werent afraid to call your
boyfriend hotright in front of him.

#17 Fun:

Chasing the ice cream
truck was fun. Chasing Rai to get her PDA back was not fun.
There was a difference, she concluded.

#18 Gone:

Separated, they could
do nothing but think of each other.

#19 Gravy:

It was sweet, in a
way. Clay had invited his uncle over, and Rai covered Kimikos eyes
when the increasingly insane uncle started todrinkthe
gravy they were using for that nights turkey dinner.

#20 Hate:

Time passed onbut
those words still rang it Raimundos ears, reminding him of his
mistake, that horrible betrayal.

I HATE you!
Kimiko shouted at him in his memories, the cat helmet of hers
loosening from the strength of Wuyas energy. Along with that came
the burden of the other bad memories, ones that he would have to
carry for the rest of his life.

#21 Heaven:

Kim doesnt know
what she wants heavens going to be like, all she knows is that Rai
better be there.

#22 Imagine:

He lived in a world of
dragons, ancient artifacts, and human chickensyet he found the
idea of marriage a little out-of-this-world.

#23 Jester:

Hed do anything to
cheer her up. If she asked her to juggle chainsaws on a unicycle
while balancing a Chihuahua on his headhe would do it.

#24 Jump:

The chasm was hugebut
shed promise shed catch him. It was amusing to seethe
scared-out-of-his-wits guy landing in the girls arms.

#25 Kids:

Kimiko once likened
the three Xiaolin boys to infants. Raimundo showed up next day at her
room in a diaper.

Kimiko was not amused.

#26 Like:

Stupid girl talk is
ridiculous, muttered Rai. Whats the difference between like,
like-like, and love? He grumbled some more, pushing his ear up
against Kimikos wall to hear her conversation better.

#27 Luck:

If you ask him how he
got Kimiko as a girlfriendhell tell you its because of the
famous Pedrosa charm. If you ask his little brotherhell
say it was two tons worth of luck.

#28 Maze:

Well, no one had
specifically told him it was against the rules to fly up and out of
the corn maze. Kimiko tried to follow himbut ended up burning the
whole thing down unfortunately.

#29 Megan:

Jack, running out of
ideas, had turned to Raimundo and Kimiko as a last resort for
babysitting his little cousin. They had managed to raise their wage
all the way up to twenty bucks an hour, using the age old trick of

We make a good
team, Kimiko told Rai, grinning as she counted her money.

#30 Murmur:

They were together,
they were holding hands, and they didnt care who saw or who talked
about it.

#31 Never:

Kim couldnt leave
Rai, not even if she wanted to.

And Rai certainly
wasnt complaining.

#32 Orders:

Clay was certain it
was Kimiko who wore the pants in the relationship. Omi had simply

But I thought
Kimiko wore skirts!

#33 Parked:

The only easy part of
shopping with Kimiko was the fact that it wasnt hard to find where
you parked your dragon.

#34 Rake:

Kimiko rolled on the
grass with Rai, laughing as a shower of leaves fell upon them. They
were supposed to be raking the yards, but it was too much fun,
tackling each other on the ground, rolling in the leavesshed
never been happier.

#35 Start:

That first meeting,
that one little glance when Master Fung had introduced both them and
Clayit was the start of something that they both hoped wouldnt
end anytime soon.

Who knows what lay

(A.N. Umthe end?
I dunno, I just felt like doing something cute-ish. Hopefully it was
alright. I dont know what this is supposed to be calledI tried
to aim on more cute scenarios, although I did throw some sad ones in

Happy belated
Valentines Day everyone! Hoped you got some chocolates from that
special someone!)

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